image (8)ImageAfter looking for a Boo Costume (from Monsters Inc) for my 2 year old, I discovered that the Disney version of this costume was discontinued and greedy ebay sellers had it up for sale for 150 dollars or more. (I’m not hating on them, trust me, I’d do the same). Even some of the homemade ones were over 100 dollars and that is just TOO much for us to afford on a small 2T costume to be worn once. I was truly bummed out. I wanted to be Mike (the big eye) and I had already purchased a very nice furry costume for my husband so that he could be Sully.  It’s so dorky, but I was excited to have a theme this Halloween. Halloween is such a fun holiday, I really wanted to get into it this year.

I have a crafty side to myself, and I’m a wanna-be sewer. I decided to search the web for a pattern or instructions on how to make Boo. I found a few different websites that either told me what to buy or gave suggestions on how to put a few things together but none that held my hand the way that I wanted. As a wanna-be, I either needed help or a Boo Costume For Dummy’s book. Due to everyone’s busy schedules, the sewers in my life were otherwise engaged and not available to hold my hand. After about five hours total, and a few tear drops on my purple satin Boo fabric, I am a stone’s throw away from finishing.

I’m a blogger, not a sewer, and I’m sure that there are many other little girls who resemble and or act like Boo with wanna be sewer mama’s who won’t pay 150 dollars on a damn costume. I’m going to do my best to give you a detailed list of what to buy and how to put it together.

Cut and copy and take this to the store:

1.5 yards of satiny purple fabric (for main body and in and out of the hood)

a bag of batting (mine was prepackaged for a baby’s quilt and it was just enough, plus some extra)

1 yard of cheap silky soft lining fabric

1/2 yard of shiny or sequin material (for arms)

1 bag of piping (for hair)

2 Styrofoam balls

2 thick straps (to hold the costume up)

a package of pipe cleaners (preferably sparkly)

Spool of multipurpose purple thread


Large size googlie eyes (for eyeballs)

Scraps of white silky fabric OR a sheet of white felt (for teeth) I was able to use my batting because my bating was rather thin and stiff. If you chose a fluffier batting, you will need to get something else for the teeth.

Glitter spray to make the costume shine

Liquid stuff that prevents fraying

That’s all!

You will also need

sewing machine



Measuring tape

Black sharpie or paint for the pupils on the Styrofoam ball, if you choose not to get googly eyes.

LOTS of pins

Step 1:

  • measure you lil’ lass and make sure you cut your material at least 4 inches past the width of her shoulders (or more) Then measure her length wise from shoulder to ankle. These are the measurements you will use. The look of this costume is over-sized and the straps will hold it up, don’t worry!
  • Put all three layers together and cut the best rectangle that you can. Have the shiny material’s right side on the table, then the batting, and the lining facing you. Then pin pin pin pin your seams. Just fold it over toward the lining and pin.  Don’t hold back on the pins because the material is slippery and you will want to remove them as you sew.
  • go to your sewing machine and sew the top and the bottom together, take your time!
  • Now it’s ‘quilting’ time. Simply sew four lines on your costume so that they are horizontal, that’s it.
  • Lastly, close your costume up. It’s pinning time! Fold it inside out, and sew from top to bottom.   You will get a purple tube like below. (please excuse my sexy sexy toes on the bottom of the pic and the random Little People person on the top right! lol)
  • Image

Step 2:

  • Measure your lass’s arms. Add at least 2 inches to both length and width.
  • Cut down to a slant. Then fold the fabric over so you have a “guide” on how to cut your other side. A mirror image will help reduce the sloppiness of freehand.
  • Use the first arm that you made as a pattern for the next arm. Simply pin and cut around making them identical.
  • sew a seam on each with fabric inside out. Turn it right side out and you have to sleeve that you need to attach!
  • Measure one inch down from the top seam of the costume and cut two slits on each side of the costume. Mine were about 5 inches long. Just cut the slits, you dont need to make them circular. I also had the seam of the purple tube on one side, and it was hard to work around, but I dealt with it because I didn’t want it on the back.
  • turn costume inside out.
  • stick the arms through the slits, (right side out, make sure the seam is facing downward
  • fold over the golves, and handsew ALL three layers of the costume to your sleeves. If this is confusing, look up how to put them on on youtube, that is what I had to do.
  • My fabric doesn’t fray, but if yours does I would either hem the bottom or easier yet, get the anti-fraying liquid from the fabric store.
  • PS my sleeves suck!


Step 3:

  • It’s time to create the hood so grab the rest of your purple fabric, and some batting. NOTE: I made a hood that was never meant to stay up, due to the weight of the hair and the eyes. If you want your hood to stay up, take a different route and look online for hood instructions. The hood I made can be held up in pictures. I attempted to wrig it up straight with coat hangers, but it always ended up falling down
  • Measure the costume top and add two inches, so the hood can wrap around the sides just a bit and you have room for your hems
  • Pin the right side of the purple fabric out and the batting should be inbetween
  • Cut a half circle to the center, then fold the fabric over so that you can use your first half as a pattern and use the mirror image to make your half circle match
  • It’s time to hem. What I WISH I did was fold over my fabric TWICE so that the batting does not show. I would do that,if I were you because the white batting sticks out like an eye sore, even after I trimmed it down to the thread
  • Go to the sewing machine and sew the hem together.
  • Next, turn your costume inside out and attach the hood from the inside.

Step 4:

  • GROWL! Time to do the teeth! Now, I used my batting, but I now wish that I had gotten scrap white shiny fabric or one of those fat quarters that they sell. Oh well, I already sewed them in place and not going to change it now
  • You can choose what you do, some instructions say make them different sizes and place them all over. I’m a sucker for symmetry though
  • Experiment and cut a few different sizes out, and hold them up to your costume. When you find the one you like, use it as a patter and cut out ten teeth
  • Pin the first tooth in the center of the costume on the inside, and place the other four an inch a part from each other, and pin in place. Repeat on the top of the hood, on the inside
  • Get your sew on! I chose a wider, zigzag stitch because it holds the teeth upwards better, and people might see the stitches, so you want to make it look nice.

boo outfit

Step 5:

  • Grab your piping and cut them into 12 inch strips.
  • cut a 4 inch pipe and tie the “hair” in the middle.
  • place in the center of the back of the hood and double tie tightly, then clip the ends
  • hand sew the mop of hair in the upper center of the hood

Step 6:

  • Get your hot clue gun out and load it up! It’s time to do the second to the last step…the eyes
  • take 3 strands of pipecleaners and braid them together, leaving the last inch undone
  • repeat for the other eye stem
  • grab some scrap purple fabric and make two circles
  • hot glue the circles onto the back of the Styrofoam “eyes” It will scrunch up a bit, but that’s what looks cute about it. it’s kind of like a cupcake wrapper or the edge of a pie crust, I have seen puppets have this look on their eyes.
  • Hot glue the googlie eye in the center of the eye
  • shove the three ends of the pipe cleaners on the bottom of the eye. Seal them with the hot glue
  • attach them (via hand sew) to the hood where you see fit. (get it? SEEEE? hahhaa I’m not funny)
  • You you can easily hand sew them through the braids. make sure it’s a lot so they don’t fall off!

image (7)

Step 7:

  • measure your sugar’s shoulders, you want the straps to fall closer to the neck, you don’t want them to fall off. I ended up cutting mine 6 inches
  • pin the straps where you want them to go and use a thick zigzag stich for extra strength.

image (6)


I ended u sewing the two hems on top together until I got to the straps, although I wished I could have kept them open. My costume ended up a tad TOO oversized, but it works and it’s better than being too small.

I will share pics of my little Boo when she’s in a good mood and when I take the time to put her hair in the signature pigtails.

Good luck and I would love the feedback or if you have an questions let me know because I want to help.